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This past weekend Undrgrnd Sound EU’s very own Plamen Valkov had the opportunity to attend one of Netherlands premier dance events DanceTour, which was held on April 20th in Arnhem. This outdoor show was host to a wide variety of artists hailing from the Netherlands such as Laidback Luke, Yellow Claw, Bassjackers, etc. Besides bringing re-known talent DanceTour partnered with Pepsi to help bring talented up & coming artists to the big stage. Plamen had a chance to sit down with the winner of this years Pepsi DJ Clash winner Marc Moore and find out more about this years winner and the journey to perform at DanceTour Arnhem.


Voices from the Undrgrnd:

Undrgrnd Sound: I am sitting here with Marc Moore, winner of the Pepsi DJ Clash and opener for DanceTour Arnhem this year. Marc, tell us a little about yourself.

Marc Moore: Hi, my name is Marc Moore. I am a Dutch DJ and producer from Arnhem. I’m 18 years old and I just opened DanceTour Arnhem for La Fluente, Yellow Claw, Laidback Luke. All big DJs!

Now the reason you got this opportunity was due to the fact that you won the Pepsi DJ Clash. Tell us a little bit about what that is and how you got through.

 The Pepsi DJ Clash is a competition held in 12 cities in the Netherlands and open to everybody between the ages of 16 and 28. It starts off with an online submission. Out of hundreds of submissions, 3 are selected on the basis of likes, of which the jury selects one winner. So yeah. I was able to come out on top for Arnhem and the prize was a chance to open for all of these big names at DanceTour.


What follows after this in terms of the competition? 

 After this, of course I have my own bookings but in terms of the competition, as DanceTour travels throughout the Netherlands, more and more winners for individual cities will be named. Based on the decision of the jury, out of the winners and runners up, 12 finalists will be selected. This stage is basically a remix competition, where we will be given the stems of a track by Lucien Foort and will have to come up with a good remix. The 12 contestants with the best remixes with then get to compete at Paradiso, in Amsterdam, during the week of ADE.

Which venues do you mainly play at in the Netherlands?

I mostly play at clubs in Arnhem such as: The Level and Plaza. I am also working with a company called Oubaha beheer at the moment that has over 20 clubs in the Netherlands. I play for them very often too but only on weekends, as I still have to pay attention to school!

What education are you currently in? What are your future plans and how will this work with your music?

At the moment I am finishing my VWO (Dutch High School Diploma). I have my exams over the next few weeks and I am planning to study International Business Administration in Rotterdam. Although I sometimes found it hard to balance between music and school in the beginning, I have found my flow and it’s going well. School will always come first for me and music has always been something I do just because I love it. I started producing when I was 8 and I am working very hard to take it to the next level.

Who were some of the artists that you liked and that influenced you when you started producing?

Back then I was really into music from people like Roy Gates and BT. I heard songs from Tiesto like “Love Comes Again” and thought they were so cool, so when I got a little older I kind of started digging around and found some more names. Nowadays it’s really impossible to put the music I like into one genre or represent it by one artist. The music I listen to and play is so broad. I’ve played alongside R&B DJs, hardstyle DJs, you name it..

If you had to pick one genre where your interest lies right now, what would it be?

Well, at the moment I’m very much into tech and deep house.

Where are you with your music currently?

After producing for so many years I feel like it’s finally time to look for the right labels to release my tracks on. Right now I’m in the midst of all that and I look forward to opening up my sound and showing the world what I’ve got.

We’re going to end off with some random questions:

Boobs or butts?

[Laughs] Wow. That’s a tough one… If I have to choose, I’d say boobs.

In a survival situation do you think you’d be able to face a grizzly bear and what song would be playing in the background?

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor would definitely be playing while I’m killing him.

Well thank you for your time, Marc. We wish you all the best for the future and hope to see you again soon!